מחיר: 259,000 ש"ח

מפלצת המירוצים של נורטון, מנוע V4 1200 עם מעל 200 כ"ס, מתלי אוהלינס מעולם המוטוג'יפי, ובלמי ברמבו הכי מתקדמים בעולם, מגיע אך ורק בהזמנה מיוחדת.

Engine - Norton 72-degree liquid-cooled V4, 1200cc. Chain-driven cams with idler gear for reduced engine height. Titanium inlet valves. Slipper clutch 

Displacement - 1200cc 

Compression ratio - 13.6:1 

Power  - 200bhp + @ 12,500rpm 

Torque - 130Nm @ 10,000rpm 

Euro 4 - Full compliance including oil thermostat, knock sensors, secondary air injection and EVAP 

Fuel injection - Electronic fuel-injection system. Constantly variable inlet tracts. 8-fuel injectors. Full drive-by-wire system independent of front and rear banks of cylinders for ultimate control and feel 

Quickshift: Full quickshift system and auto down blipper 

Electronic aids: Multi-setting traction-control, wheelie control, launch control and cruise control. Uses six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) 

Built-in dataloggers: Full data-logging capability including: lap times, max lean angle, max speed, max throttle and max braking force

Chassis Type:  Aluminium twin tube shotgun chassis, cast outriggers and headstock, polished tubes. (tbc). Engine acts as a structural member 

Adjustable geometry: Chassis is fully-adjustable including swingarm pivot and adjustable rake angle. 23.9 degree steering head angle as standard set-up 

Swingarm: Braced and underslung single-sided cast swingarm. 570mm long, design developed in conjunction with SG5 TT race bike 

Wheelbase: 1430mm 

Dry weight: 179kg 

Note: Chassis design was developed at the world's most rigorous race track - the Isle of Man TT. The geometry, weight distribution & ergonomics were all tested and developed on the SG5 TT race bike which finished seventh at the Superbike TT and achieved a 131mph average speed lap in 2016 at the hands of Australian rider David Johnson 

Front suspension: Ohlins NIX30 system front fork. Fully-adjustable 

Rear suspension: Ohlins TTXGP Norton bespoke fully-adjustable rear shock 

Steering damper: Ohlins damper 

Front brake: 2 x 330mm full-floating discs. Radially-mounted Brembo monobloc calipers. Brembo discs and Brembo master cylinder 

Rear brake: Single 245mm disc. Brembo caliper and master cylinder